interlock bricks house in Kerala | How to make with Interlocking Bricks home

interlock bricks house in Kerala : Imagine a low-cost home, and even in the hottest summer months inside, the temperature is 4 degrees lower, which looks fantastic! This is not just a dream, but a reality that has helped many people in India to build their dream home.

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Interlocking Bricks – As the name suggests, locks with other bricks, and these interlocks reinforce the wall. Bonding requires no cement mixture. This is a concept that is not well-known to many. However, the brilliant qualities of these bricks make it a necessity of the time.

Advantages of interlocking bricks

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  • It saves costs on cement, sand and water.
  • The design is more in tune with nature as it completely eliminates an artificial bonding mechanism
  • The walls have more power than normal walls.
  • These bricks will not heat up as quickly as regular bricks, so the room will stay cool.
  • Since no painting is required, another saves costs


How to make interlock bricks

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Interlock bricks are made of latex stone, cement and gravel. 50kg of cement will help you make 50 interlock bricks. These are completely eco-friendly. The bricks are made of 4000 kg of compress, so there is no need to worry about the strength and rigidity of these bricks. A brick measuring 30 cm long, 17 cm wide and 15 cm high will cost Rs 20 per piece. For each brick measuring 28x15x13, the cost of each brick is Rs. Gray blocks made from industrial waste are also available in the market. If the square footage of a B class house is around Rs 1600; Using interlock bricks can reduce the cost.

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