Online Requesting a food basket from the NGOs in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi press agency reported that the Medina Charitable Initiative and the Saudi Post have signed an agreement to distribute food baskets in the area following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

In the first phase of the deal, 15,000 food baskets are distributed, each containing 16 food items, to the poor of Medina, the poor, and others affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Goodness of Medina, started under the guidance of the Prince of Madinah Prince Faisal bin Salman, aims to help NGOs fulfill their role in society by helping those in need and safeguarding the current situation of the epidemic. It seeks to provide social and family support services in partnership with the charity sector and the private sector.

The stock tracking of foodgrains in all states and UTs in the country is closely monitored and where necessary, available at all locations. As at 07.04.2020, FCI has 54.42 million MT of wheat (MMT) of cereals (30.62 MMT of rice and 23.80 MMT of wheat). While supplying foodgrains for public distribution and other government projects, the FCI has to ensure that supplies in the open market are kept at a healthy level to avoid any cost shocks. It supplies the wheat flour mills directly to the State Governments under the OMSS on the basis of the recommendations of the DM / DC concerned to ensure supply and price stability.

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