life mission Kerala | How to apply housing scheme

The Life Mission is to provide safe and decent housing for all the landless homeless in Kerala within five years, to work on their own and to benefit from all social welfare schemes including social economic services.

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Life Mission project in Kerala

Complete Housing Security is aimed at providing safe and decent housing for all landless homeless people in Kerala within five years to work on their own livelihoods, participate in social activities and decentralize the benefits of all social welfare schemes including financial services. Implement the project

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To implement the Complete Housing Security Scheme.Enhancing livelihoods with better housing, facilities for children’s learning and specialized training,Self-employment training, geriatric care,Housing will be provided by a combination of support and services that will improve quality of life and quality of life, including self-care, savings and credit facilities.

What is Life Mission

According to the State Planning Board, 4.32 lakh households are homeless in our state. Of this, 1.58 lakh are landless and homeless. These landless homeless are the beneficiaries of the Life Project. About 50% of them are concentrated in 5 corporations, 16 municipalities and 43 gram panchayats and there are between 100 and 250 households in 264 gram panchayats and 5 municipalities. The number of homeless is less than 100 in 191 gram panchayats and 1 municipality. As many as 87,000 households could be converted into 533 gram panchayats and 7 municipalities in the state as homeless. Thus, 10.4 per cent of the homeless are unable to afford their own homes and need additional funds. The vast majority of homeless (92 per cent) said that the available funding for existing housing assistance schemes was inadequate.

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This means that a reasonable amount of money will not hesitate to pay for the maintenance and maintenance of a decent housing in a community that combines other social services and infrastructure to support the means of livelihood.

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There is a sense of helplessness that even those who have bought a house, even though they are very hard, are willing to mortgage or sell in the immediate moments of life. This is often the case with health problems, child studies, work and marriage. Homelessness is often the result of inadequate access to health care, financial assistance, and affordable housing in isolated dwellings.

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By combining all modern amenities in the 64 Local Self-Governing Areas with the highest landlessness, building affordable housing that combines living, livelihood and social security can provide a solution to most of the problems facing the sector today.

At present, the Central Government, State Governments and Local Governments are spending huge amounts of money on their projects for housing. Housing projects are allotted by the state government and central government funds.

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Address Life Mission

  • Life Mission
  • Second floor, P.T. C. Tower,
  • The MistyLook Theme. The MistyLook Theme. Kovil Road, Thampanoor
  • Thiruvananthapuram, 695001
  • Phone: 0471 2335524
  • Email: [email protected]

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  3. About 15 years we (my family ) don’t have a name is Kavitha CG .And I apply for the life mission project.
    And iam in the list of life mission but after 8years we don’t have a husband is a patient but he is self employed.i have a daughter she is a student.

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