How to make fiber boat use cloth and resin

How to make fiber boat use cloth and resin : Resin is used to make boats for many reasons. The most important of these is its durability and is easy to repair. You can patch the boat holes one afternoon and fiberglass a boat for a few days. This article explains how to build a boat using epoxy resin.

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For making the fiber boat, boats were made of saree, cardboard, resin and other materials. However, with saree, the main components of the boat – large parts like the hull, deck, liner and consoles – are molded from the saree.

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Cut the saree cloth into the desired shape. Attach to the fiberglass cloth hull with tape, tacks or staples.

Apply the first coat of resin. This first coat is called a seal coat. Using a foam roller, apply firm pressure and directional strokes to spread the resin as evenly as possible. Wait for the surface to become uninteresting before doing more on the hull.

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Followed by resin to saturate or “wet” the fiberglass. When the resin is cured, you have a boat ready

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