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Captcha typing job is a simple online job at home for people who want to earn Rs 10,000 per month by working in their free time.Easy Typing Job Online

Earning a lot of money is easy. Here you will need to sign up with companies that offer captcha typing work, log into your admin panel and type the correct captcha images.

If you do not know what the cap work is, read this article here, where I have detailed the caption entry job.

If you already know what captcha is and are looking for real sites that offer captcha work, you can continue reading this article –

There are many companies that have to sign up on a large number of thousands of websites on the Internet. They can create automated software for signing up on websites, but they don’t have the technology to fix these captures automatically.That’s where they need humans to solve these captures.

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When their software generates digits on these sites, they see the captcha and send that captcha image to the captcha solver. You have very little time to enter the exact characters provided in the image & you need to have good accuracy to fix these images.From there you can earn money from these online jobs at home.

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