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In the background of Corona, everyone choose works from home jobs, as well as the use of laptops has increased tremendously with the introduction of online classes for children. Also, if you approach any shop to buy a new laptop, they will charge a huge amount for it. For the average person, buying a laptop at such a full price is often a daunting task. Let us understand how much demand there is for laptops in such a scenario. Today we are going to talk about a market where low cost used laptops are available.

There are multiple shops selling used laptops in this market and mainly used laptops come from countries like the US. Most of these laptops last for two to three years. What is being done here is to take only the good ones from the laptops coming from foreign countries and dispose of the rest. The 2012 model i5 laptop is priced at 800 dirhams. It comes with 4GB of RAM and 128 SSD settings. The 2015 model 256 XSG laptops are priced at AED 1,000. Used laptops come with a two-month warranty. In the meanwhile, they will fix any complaints. Laptops of all brands like DELL, Hp and MacBook are available here. The 2015 model all in one i5 laptop is priced at a thousand dirhams. Brands like Dell are priced at AED 600. These include the Fourth and 5 th Generation.

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All 2010 model Apple laptops are available here for up to a thousand pieces. These used laptops, which are only up to a year old, are sold here only after a full quality check. The Sharjah-Dubai border is the market for such low-cost laptops. Watch the video to know more.

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