Buying a used phone : Low price

If your budget does not allow you to buy a new smartphone, you can get a used mobile phone for half the price. Mobile phones used in India are becoming popular because they are affordable enough. Moreover, you can buy a more powerful and feature smartphone in the same budget compared to the new one.

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Generally you think that buying a used phone will cause you to lose functionality and performance, but this is not true. Every year you can see multiple new models for smartphone release.

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Smartphone-subscribers sell an existing phone to quickly upgrade to a new version, and you can always get a second-hand mobile phone at a cheaper price. Used smartphone is a huge market in India, you just need to pay a little attention, do some research and buy the best smartphone.

Used mobile phones are only half as expensive as new ones, and will soon drop when a new mobile phone is unboxed. Additionally, you can buy a used phone with more features in the same budget than the new one.

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Buying a used smartphone means you have to be careful. For one, the warranty is usually out of the question, or at least substantially reduced. Second, you need to make sure everything is working properly. Finally, based on these, you should get the right price.

How To Check Used Smartphone

  • Physically check the phone. Pay attention to body damage and water damage, such as dentures and scratches. Note the scratches on the phone and the rear camera lens. Take your time with this and don’t rush. There is a quick video (shown above) showing the labels on the battery and the back panel for people in the phonebuff you should check out. If you buy a uniform phone that cannot remove the battery, the water damage indicator is usually placed in the SIM card slot. The best way to find the position of the indicator in your model is to google it.
  • If it opens, open it. Any flap, cover, or port that can be opened as a push-back slot for SIM or microSD cards should be tested, so open it and check that it is fine.
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  • Check all ports. Pop your own headphones into the handset and see if they work. Connect the charger cable received to your laptop and see if that port is charging. If it is charged via a laptop, it will be charged using a wall socket. These checks can also be performed using packaged accessories.
  • Pop in your SIM card. Make a call, send a text, and browse to your favorite website. This is the best way to check if those parts of the phone are working well. If your phone is locked to a network and your SIM is not from that carrier, you will immediately find it with this simple check.

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