Best way to earn money from doing Cattle farming in Kerala

Many people dream of starting a dairy farm as a career.A lot of inquiries in this regard lead to a series of articles on how to start Dairy Farms as a livelihood and income source in Kerala.

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In the old generation of Kerala houses, a crib close to the house and its full of milk cows were symbols of pride, pride and family glory.It was a time when Nandini, Santana and Shalini’s cow had become a good love affair that would nostalgia the household from the fold.

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The initial preparation is all about visiting well-established dairy farms in the country and understanding the market and prices at which they are feeding.

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Look at the failed farms and study the failed farms. At the same time, learn about the Dairy Farm licensing procedures and ensure veterinary treatment. Participate in good practices in cow rearing, allied areas and activities. The Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development Departments run training centers. The plans and training are all known through the website of these departments.

There is also a zoo at each gram panchayat level and municipalities, and a dairy development office in each of the block panchayats. You can contact these offices to get plans from the state government. Where the Dairy Farm is located, only the office in the area can help with the project… The bank may also look into the possibility of getting NABARD’s plans (DEDS) if the bank loan is required.

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The new technologies in agriculture and livestock farming are well-received through social media. From Kisan Call Center to various ICT websites such as websites, applications and periodicals. Make the most of the tools. A little knowledge can sometimes save a lot of money. Farmers can also be part of WhatsApp and Facebook. This can be helpful in ordering cost-effective feed and other essentials together.

One of the most important things is feeding. It is better to run the farm using only fodder, hay and straw and feed all the available feed to the cow. The feed mixture can be prepared by collecting the cheapest feed available in the market to provide the necessary nutrients to the cow. TMR Theta and so on.

One of the biggest hurdles is finding good cows. One thing to keep in mind is that no farmer will sell a good milch cow for good reasons. Due to the need for money or the need to save, milch cows that are sold can be purchased. Cows can be purchased from outside Kerala through trusted persons. Where to buy, investigate what is currently being fed. Just ask how much milk you get. We need to feed the same feed for a while and then slowly adapt to our circumstances. One of the best milch cows in our farm is a good heifer.

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