How to start a paper bag Making business

Hello everyone, welcome to a new blog, here I am going to tell you about Paper Bag Business.In this article you will get acquainted with how to start a paper bag making business, what kind of machinery is needed and the investment required to start this business.

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Now all the companies want to pack their products with paper bags. This is mainly due to the fact that everyone has recognized the harmful effects of using plastic bags. Apart from these reasons, the government’s intention to provide environmentally friendly products also contributed to the development of paper bags.

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The paper bag making business can last a long time, as it is more likely to ban all use of plastics in the future.

So now is the perfect time to enter the market and expand your company.

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The first thing you need to do is focus on the quality of the bags you are making. This is one of the important hands-on steps to bring your product to the top level of marketing.

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If the quality is compromised, the whole process and project becomes useless.

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How to start a business of making paper bags.

Now all the sectors have started to use paper bags. Paper bags for shopping, food paper, paper bags for medical use, paper bags for packaging, etc. are very popular in all sectors.

What is the investment to start making paper bags.

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Investing is a must for any business startup. Paper bag making is a small business and requires minimal investment.

You can buy budget-based missionaries according to your capacity. If you are a homemade surfer, you need to have a shed .The cost of a fully automatic paper bag making machine is around Rs 5 to Rs 8 lakh. The price depends on the production capacity of the machine. A fully automated machine can produce up to 15,000 paper bags per hour.

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Or you can start this business with the help of a semi-automatic machine. The cost of such machines is less than Rs 3 lakh. Productivity is low and it depends on your job / staff manual work. You can even start a complete manual manufacturing unit by investing just Rs 50,000.

To reduce your production costs

If you can reduce the cost of production of paper bags you will get more profit, so you can reduce the cost of production. Choose a semi-urban area for this business, and if you can find a place where you can get low-wage workers, cheap rented land, and other amenities, you can reduce the cost of production.

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