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Repacking business is an easy business to start. Additionally, you can start this business in urban and rural areas.The purpose of this article is to provide new entrepreneurs with refactoring business ideas.


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You may have a bunch of ideas in mind, but sometimes you decide to change plans because those ideas don’t have the right direction. This is the time when most founders struggle to find a balance. Starting a business requires a lot of determination and confidence, but you need to be very clear about your business idea before you venture into entrepreneurship.

Most profitable small repack business

  • Conflor: Conflor is an important item in the food processing industry. Corn milling or corn milling is a very profitable business. However, you should place the mill in a place where you can easily access the grain.
  • Gram flour: The most common name for gram flour is basan. There is a huge demand for our product in our country.
  • Chilli: Chilli is another popular grocery item in our country. You can produce chili powder from the same production unit.
  • Wheat (Atta): Atta is an essential ingredient for the domestic kitchen.
  • Wheat flour (maida): Maida has a relatively higher demand than ata.

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Repacking Business
Mission cost Rs.9000
Purchase, grind, repack, pack and store your business

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