Best business loan schemes in Kerala 2020

Do you need a loan to grow your business or start New business? No tension, the following are some of the government’s business loan schemes. You can choose one of these.Subsidies can also be up to 35% for Rs 1 lakh , PMEGP, KESRU, Multi Purpose Job club,Kaivalya, Saranya.

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This scheme is for the registered unemployed in Kerala. This scheme can be utilized for starting self employment ventures in industry, trade and service sectors. This scheme is available for startups with very small investments.
Small bakery units, sewing centers, goat-cow and poultry farms, autorickshaws and food and agriculture-based enterprises can be selected under this scheme.

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Plan Benefits

The scheme provides loans up to Rs. Group projects can also be started. One member of the group can get a loan


20% of the project cost will be subsidized.

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  • Age range between 21 and 50 years.
  • Educational Qualification: Literacy.
  • Annual family income of less than Rs. 40,000.
  • Registration – Employment registration is compulsory.

The role of the entrepreneur

  • The role of the entrepreneur is not specifically stated. However, banks are demanding up to 10 per cent.
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Procedures in the application

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Application may be made to the concerned Employment Exchange or Self Employment Officer of the District Employment Office. Present the application with the prescribed form along with a copy of the project plan, identification document, ration card and quotations for fixed assets and income certificate of the Village Officer.

Multi Purpose Job club Loan

The loans are for five joint ventures. A minimum of two people can apply for a loan under this scheme. The maximum loan is Rs 10 lakh. 25% government subsidy. (Up to a maximum of Rs. 2 Lakhs).

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It is a social project exclusively for women. Widows, Divorced Women, Woman Who Missed Her Husband, Unmarried Mothers of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Tribes Those who have a family income of less than Rs. The scheme can be used for women who are unmarried even after reaching 30 years of age. These projects can start up to Rs. The maximum subsidy of Rs 25,000 would also be given for 50 per cent. Application can be made through the respective Employment Exchanges.

Plan Benefits Saranya loan

Loans upto Rs. 50,000 / – is given to start self-employment ventures. Under this scheme, any type of self employment venture can be selected for family income increase.

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Subsidy Saranya loan

  • The main attraction of the scheme is that it gets 50% subsidy. Up to Rs. 25,000.

The role of the entrepreneur

  • The entrepreneur must find 10 percent of the project cost.

Saranya loan  Qualifications

Age between 18-55 years.
Family annual income – less than one lack below .

Educational Qualification: Literacy. Preference will be given to those with technical qualifications.

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Procedures in the application

Application can be made at the concerned Employment Exchange or the District Office. There is a fixed form. The application should be accompanied by the Village Officer’s Certificate of Caste, Income, Marriage Status, Project Report, Identity Card and Copy of Ration Card.

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  • Kaivalya
  • Saranya

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