how to start chappal making business at home

Do you want to start a Hawaii Chapel building business? Find out the basic guide to starting a rubber slipper manufacturing business with process, profit, and machines.

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The rubber slipper is a product that is found in all homes. In India, slippers are also called Hawaiian chappals. Hawaii Chapels is a lightweight footwear used by agents, women and children, which is used by every person in society of all ages.

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Hawaii Chapel making
Profits in excess of 50%
You can start your mission at home
At a lower price

Hawaii Chapel construction business is profitable if all business is done through process, fallow guidelines, and technology advancement in those rush hours.


Start your business with a small unit, first from your home, buy a full cutting machine for a low cost, buy rubber sheets, start building, from the market, you have to look for new trends in it, come to the market with a new style, try and build a new style chapel Awesome The tendency to use young people, and try to always be innovative in the market.

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Raw Materials for Hawaii Chapel Manufacturing

The main raw material for the construction of the Hawaii Chapel is the rubber sheet. Sheets can be of two types. One is rubber and the other is PVC. In addition, the other important factor that you need to store for making Hawaiian chapels is the straps.

Machinery required for slipper manufacturing

  • Fly press for cutting sheet (hand operated)
  • Drilling Machine
  • Finishing Machine
  • Cutting dies in different sizes and shapes
  • Hand tools
  • Furniture and equipment
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If you can put it well, for example you can make the apple of Hawaii Chapel, then you can persuade people to buy your chapel if it’s expensive, but it’s the apple of the Hawaiian chapel, and the chapel can do the same thing as people buy a pair of Hawaii crocs.

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