How to apply for nork roots pravasi loan kerala 2020

nork roots pravasi loan kerala : NORKA loans are a relief for expatriates returning home after a recession and other recessions. NORKA is implementing a number of rehabilitation programs to assist those returning. The limit of the loan is Rs 1 crore.

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Loans up to Rs 20 lakh for individuals , Up to Rs 1 crore is given for joint ventures.There is no need to repay 15% of the loan amount. This is because the Government of Kerala is subsidizing this amount for expatriates.

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Those applying for the loan must have worked abroad for at least two years. Those who have worked abroad for more years will be given preference in hiring. Since NORKA’s scheme is being started by expatriate groups, the groups can get loans up to a maximum of Rs 1 crore.

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Don’t give anyone in the first place the business-related information (DPR) you plan to start. Innovative ideas are likely to be copied. Moreover, the government has not appointed any third party to get the loan. So, if anyone comes to you for this purpose, take your money away.

Applicants registered on the NORKA website will only be considered in priority order. Construction-related projects are more likely to get a loan. So be careful when choosing projects. Note that farming is less likely.

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For details and registration NORKA OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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