Solar water pump in Kerala

Solar water pump : The increasing current charge has become a reason to use solar panels in every home. But even with the use of solar panels, it is often difficult to say whether the home will run on motor. This is because many of us have doubts about whether it is possible to run a water motor using the electricity available from a solar panel. But here is the answer. By using a solar powered water pump, you can not only get water but also reduce your electricity bill. Let’s see what are the features of this one solar water pump.

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Each of these solar water pumps can be used from 3.5 m to 110 m. These types of solar water pumps have been developed for use in ordinary wells and borr wells. They are designed to run on battery and solar. If a solar panel is placed at 325 volts, it can be operated. This type of motor can be operated from 10 am to 5 pm. All the spare parts are available at the same shop where you buy them. Therefore no maintenance charge is required. In addition to the motor, they also launch the Iron Box and DC Fan. All the DC-operated MCBs and switches are available here so you can change the entire wiring of the house. This way things like shock can be avoided.

If appliances like the fridge run on AC and switch to DC, a huge difference in the current bill can be achieved. There is no doubt that appliances like fridges and air conditioners that use more power can be converted to DC, which can save a huge amount of electricity. The use of 25 watt solar lights not only provides good light but also electricity. They are priced at around Rs 2,000. Streetlights powered by solar panels are available in 20 v and 40 v It can get up to a hundred vot. If you choose an inverter, you can buy a 180AH battery and a duster brand 980 VI inverter with a five year warranty on the combo offer. Solar water heaters are similarly available here at good prices.

Apart from these, batteries of all brands like Luminous and Duster Ionic are also available. The battery of the Ionic brand is priced at Rs 17,500. Also, those who want to buy all the batteries required for all types of vehicles under the Amron brand at a cheaper price can contact ‘4G Battery and Solar’ at Tirur PAN Bazaar. A solar powered motor costs only Rs 25,000. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below.

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