Scrubber repacking business in Kerala

Steel Scrubber repacking Business in Kerala , You can buy scrubber for a low price and re-pack. 185 rupees per kg of scrubber , You get 100 nos per kg . 5000 earnings per day at heme.

The repacking industry in India is fast. It has a commercial impact on all other industries, directly or indirectly. According to industry experts, the annual turnover of the Indian packaging industry is expected to reach $ 32 billion by 2025 from the current $ 24.6 billion.

The annual growth rate of this sector is 15% per annul. According to the McKinney Report, the middle class population will be ten times that of India by 2025. This will further increase the consumption of packaging material. That way, the packaging industry will grow even more. The packaging industry in India is one of the most attractive and emerging markets in India.


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