9 lakhs house plans in kerala

You can own beautiful homes at very low cost.magnificent house in the Contemporary style can be completed in Rs 9 lakhs . Remember the cost of the home, to the attention of those who do not start the home.


The 650-square-foot home is designed by Al Rawabi , the designer of all sorts of amenities. The house is spacious, with two spacious, attached bathrooms, a living room, dining hall, kitchen and work area.

The brick wall is made of sandstone. The door and windows are made of cement mortar. For flooring, the tiles, which cost Rs 40.

The overall unicorn design is followed by the compound wall and elevation of the house. The elevation is a box type design. Opening the main door, you can enter the zigzag entrance to the foyer and to the right in the double-double-spacious living room.

The splendid level ceiling is a beautiful addition to the living room. On the east side there is a large opening. Small pores are inserted into the concrete wall and light is poured into it. The perforations are provided with a strip of landscape buffer and customized. They help to capture the shadows of morning and morning.

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