gypsum plastering rate in Kerala

gypsum plastering rate in Kerala .What is gypsum plastering. Full details. Gypsum plastering explained in Malayalam video below .The implication is that wall plastering can be done without the need for sand or cement. This is not a new invention.

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Gypsum plastering is the practice of replacing cement and sand with gypsum powder and water. Plastered walls of gypsum do not need to be putty during painting. Another advantage of this method is that it is cheaper and more economical to use than cement plaster.

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The gypsum plastering is made of white colored surface. Plastic can be plastered with gypsum on any surface, including cut stone, brick, concrete block, interlock brick, and ceiling. Compared to cement, gypsum plastering is easy and therefore does not require watering after plastering.

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Ready to plaster machines are also available in the market. The advantage is that it can be plastered in the same thickness quickly. But the work of an experienced craftsman should be ensured so that the waste is not overstated. At the same time, gypsum plastering on the exterior walls or on the walls of moisture-prone rooms is not advisable. Moreover, gypsum plastering in the corners is more likely to break down.

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