jack chips business ideas in Kerala 2020

jack chips business  in Kerala 2020 : Today’s blog is an item we all love to eat. That’s jack chips, (Chakka Chips ) Even though there is a season for making jack chips, nowadays there are jackfruit in Kerala. A good medium jackfruit is the best. Or chips can be made at a cheaper, drier, rainy season.

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This is the way to make jack chips for the day. That is why homeowners cannot do it themselves. The easiest way, then, is to hire a nearby neighbor to clean her jackets, or to hire women on a regular basis.

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The wholesale price for a kilogram of jack chips is around $ 250. The price of jackfruit has been reduced to 100 and the season has come down. We’ve got 230 for jack chips here. That means less money.

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Basically, jackfruit is produced in the northern and southern parts of India. In India, the major states producing jackfruit are Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

The result is Jackfruit’s primary economic output. People use it when they are not mature and mature. However, the sweet pulp of the fruit cannot be sustained for long because of its perishable nature. Therefore, a large loss in crop yield occurs during peak times each year.

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Currently, various government research centers, including CFTRI, are trying to standardize the production protocol for value added products from jackfruit. All these are in accordance with FSSAI criteria. So entrepreneurs can start a small scale food processing unit to make value-based products out of jackfruit.

Jack chips

Raw jackfruit is the basic ingredient of fried jack chips. First, cut raw jackfruit into large pieces. Then remove the bulbs and seeds by hand. Cut the raw bulbs into suitable long pieces. Finally, fry these slices in coconut oil or refined vegetable oil. Salt in fried chunks can enhance its taste and preservation.

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