Paper straw making business in kerala

Paper straw making business in Kerala  : many countries, governments regulate the use of plastic straws, and public opinion is expanding to limit the use of plastic straws and switch to paper straws.Start your own Paper Straw business

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Starting a paper straw making business is not that difficult. You need to be knowledgeable about the items needed to make a paper straw. Before you start a business, you must have a proper knowledge of the state of the market. Also, by knowing the demand for the straw or pipes in the market, this will help you calculate your profits. With this, you can start a business and approximate the product requirements.

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This Paper Straw is in great demand in shopping malls and small shops. The details of starting a business and the items required are listed below.

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Before you start a business, you need to have a good idea of ​​the machine you need to buy to run the business. Here, two types of machines are required. One needs to make a paper straw, and the other requires cutting a paper straw. However, to buy the machine, you will need Rs 4 lakh. In addition, the cost of a paper straw cutting machine is around Rs 50 thousand. Therefore, your budget should be well considered before you even start a business.

Paper straw is a terrific option as opposed to plastic straw. They have a terrific surface, they soften the drinks, and sometimes move to the end, making them unusable, and making your drink taste unnatural.

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No one appreciates the use of paper straws over a plastic straw. According to paper straw manufacturer reports, they are more expensive than plastic straws. Also, they perform poorly and break down with hot drinks.

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