How to start pappdam making business in Kerala 2020

How to start pappdam making business in Kerala 2020 : Pappadam is one of the most indispensable things in India. Pappadam has become an essential supplements, from festivals to weddings, Investing in large scale Pappadam projects, including the construction unit, will cost Rs 95,000.

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The papad manufacturing business is very profitable in the food industry in terms of investment in low capital. Pappadam is often hungry; It is used in most Asian countries, mainly in India.

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This is a product like thin wafer. The variety and proportion of pulses and spices vary for each region depending on the preferences of the locals, while some varieties are hugely popular.

Papadam is in great demand because it is a food product and is a commodity used in all homes and hotels throughout the year, especially during festive seasons. There are few national brands, mainly local brands that control the market.

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The export potential of papads is growing. The major importing countries are the UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Nigeria, Oman, Malaysia, Kuwait, Canada, Bahrain and Australia. It is important to focus on brand development. Establishing a strong dealer network will definitely help you succeed.

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