How to start paper plate making business in Kerala 2020

Paper plates are an alternative to steel, glass and ceramic materials that are often used in our daily lives. Paper plates are not used basically, but they are used as an alternative or for specifications.

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Due to the heavy use of paper plates in India, there is huge demand. If you are planning to start a paper plate making business now is the right time to start your business. This business is booming in India and profits in the plate making business are high.

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The main points mentioned in this article

  • How to Start Paper Plate Making Unit in India
  • What is the cost and the cost of the machines needed to start a paper plate manufacturing unit?
  • Construction process and plant setup
  • Profits in the manufacture of paper plates
    And costs

Paper Plate Business

If you are planning to open a manufacturing center for paper plates, you need to have a comprehensive and excellent business plan as this market is already growing. Your plan should be limited to distribution and revenue, not just to its construction. We will discuss how you can open a paper plate manufacturing plant.

What are the requirements for opening a Paper Plate Manufacturing Plant

  • Land: You need a place where you can plant. It would be better to start with a place where you have the infrastructure. 100 sq. Ft. Of space is sufficient.
  • Electricity: Electricity is essential. For water pumps and other electronics, electricity is required to operate the paper plate machine.
  • Water: Water is an important part of the paper plate making business. Water should be assured while taking up space
  • Raw Materials: Raw materials are best suited to paper or paper rolls. Below is the contact number for purchasing paper rolls directly.Otherwise you can get a lot of paper from scrap shops around the country which can get you a lot of paper at a very low cost. 5000 to Rs 7000 to buy one quintal or 1000 kg of paper.
  • Manufacturing Machine: Paper Plate Making Machines come at different prices. The most common difference is in the number of paper plates produced per hour. Some missions produce 1000-2000 plates per hour, while some produce 4000-7000 plates per hour. The design, quality, and type of missions vary. It costs between Rs 75,000 and Rs 500,000 to buy a regular machine.
  • Work: If you are working, you may need at least two people. It may not be too expensive, but you need to train them properly in the first few days.


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2 thoughts on “How to start paper plate making business in Kerala 2020”

  1. Dear sir,

    I want to start paper plate business in my home at Ernakulam dist., What essentials do i need to start this business as small scale. Please give the details in my wats app no. 9946694551.

    thank you

  2. Dear Sir,

    I want to start Paper Plate business in my home at Ernakulam district. What essentials do I need to start this business in small scale. Please give advice in detail to my whats app no. 9946694551.

    thank you


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