how to start slipper making business in Kerala

You too can start a slipper making business on a small scale. Slippers are now considered a household consumer item and are used by men, women and children.

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Slippers are lightweight sandals made from rubber sheets. The slipper making process is very simple. You can make slippers from a small scale unit. India is the largest footwear manufacturer after China.

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Slipper making machines

It is your job to carefully select the machines according to their output capacity. Here I am going to introduce you to some of the important machinery for making slipper.

  • slipper making machine
  • Drilling Machine
  • Finishing Machine
  • Stapling machine

Rubber sheet and strap are the main raw materials. These raw materials can be purchased directly from the local wholesale market or from the manufacturer. The contact numbers for the purchase of raw materials are as follows. Watch the video for detailed information

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