NORKA-ROOTS Loan for Pravasi Bharathi’s Eligibility

NORKA-ROOTS Loan for Pravasi Bharathi’s Eligibility. The government is launching a number of schemes, to ensure the financial security of expatriates. Pravasi NORKA-ROOT Loan is a loan, provided by the government. T0 expatriates in association with NORKA-ROOTS. But many do not know who can apply for this scheme. Here are the things to look for when selecting yours.

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Not all expatriates can apply for a Norka-Roots loan.NORKA-ROOTS Loan for Pravasi Bharathi’s Eligibility criteria is an important part. So please read all the information given below.

Only those who have lived outside of the country, for at least two years can apply for this loan. And must have been abroad on a work visa of any kind. The loan is available to people between the ages of 18 and 55. Those who meet all the eligibility criteria need to apply. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.

Work for any reason must be from abroad until return to the lost homeland. This means that those who have returned home after completing their foreign employment can also apply.

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applicant’s passport must be registered on the NORKA website with a copy of the passport, passport size photo, and a copy of the visa proving that you have worked abroad.

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Also, you need to upload a detailed report of the project you intend to start on the website. The project report can be handwritten on your own. When writing this report, you should write down in detail the required investment, profit, and so on. In addition, the exact amount of revenue to be earned from the start of the project must be stated.

Once the application is submitted to NORKA, the loan will be available on the basis of the registration. This means that the next person will be considered only after checking all the details of the person who applied first.

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Care should be taken to provide the exact cost when applying for a loan. NORKA -ROOTS will look into whether you have the opportunity to start and move forward with a project like this. Otherwise, the project will be rejected. That means if you intend to start a biogas plant, you need to make sure that you have not only the space but also other facilities.

If you want to start a business like poultry, you need to get the necessary license. Only up to 99 chickens can be reared without a license. Ensure that the business is moving forward in compliance with all the exact criteria. This project is done with State and NORKA roots combined. So the decisions are made accordingly.

Before registering in Norka roots read all the pieces of the information correctly. Also, fill in the information correctly. The documents must be kept ready to upload.

Do everything possible to avoid loan rejection. If you prepare a project report and contact Norka Roots accordingly, you will definitely get the loan. The project report is an important part of the loan. So it must be genuine and accurate. For more details please watch the video given below.


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