how to start coconut water soft drinks business

how to start coconut water soft drinks business : If you want to drink coconut water, you have to buy freshly harvested coconut. In 2004, the first packaged coconut water hit the shelves of the US. The coconut water industry now sells over a billion dollars worth of beverages every year.

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  • Machines + accessories = 1,71,000.00
    Arrival cost accounting
    (Cost of manufacturing 1000 bottles)
    Raw materials, wages of employees Electricity etc = 1000 × 11.40 = 11,400
    Revenue 1000 × 18.00 = 18,000
    Profit per day = 6600.00

Most of the coconut farmers are living in extreme poverty and have not been able to profit from the surge in sales. Coconut is often grown on single crop farms using pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to local health and the environment.

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Coconut water, which provides good nutrition and taste, is in line with the growing trend of health and wellness. This popular but sensitive product offers not only many opportunities but few challenges as well.

Coconut water, a low-sugar substitute for 100% juice, continues to make significant gains globally, with new product introductions steadily increasing over the past three years.

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