How to start Soap Making business at home

Nowadays everyone loves to use organic products. It can be made organically from vegetables to used fabrics. But we do not know if the products that are being marketed in this way are really organic or not . Not only this but also such products come at a huge price. But we can take home-made bath soaps that are organically available in the market. Here’s how to make soap using aloe vera soap naturally using low cost homemade products. The quality does not need to be taken into account as it is to be manufactured completely chemical free. Let’s take a look at what materials are needed to make organic soaps and how to make them.

What are the ingredients needed to make organic soap?

If you want to make organic soap you need homemade aloe vera stump,coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide/caustic soda and a commonly used athar

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Cut off four or five stalks of aloe vera. Then remove the skin completely and remove only the inner pulp. In this way the pulp of all the stalks can be transferred to a bowl. Then put it in a mixer and turn it into juice. Strain the juice through a sieve. It can be filtered with a cloth. Take a measuring cup. The volume of juice taken is 10% and the total amount of aloe vera juice required is 20%. Freeze the juice in the fridge. You can use a thick cardboard to make your mold. But only then can the solution be poured into it. If you get a card board without a block, replace the bottom with a board in the shape of a block. Release the aloe vera juice made in the freezer for eight hours. Drain it into a bowl. Sodium hydroxide, which is readily available in the market, is required for the manufacture of soap. You can buy it at a very low price. You can use a glove as it should not touch the hand directly. If you use a cup of caustic soda powder, take it out and put it in the juice. When caustic soda acts as a cold liquid, more heat is released. That’s why the juice was taken chilled. Then pour two cups of coconut oil into the solution. That means 20% oil should be used. The remaining five cups of olive oil can be added. The prepared solution should be stirred for 15 minutes. When shaking, be sure to shake in the same direction.

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Next you can take the commonly used athar to make the soap smell. But do not use perfume, as it does not smell. The perfume you take should be poured all over a small bottle. Then stir again. Soap has a chemical nature so be especially careful to use gloves. It does not add anything special to the color. Then take it out early and pour it into the block box.If you want to make colored soap, you can make soap with turmaric.
It takes 12 hours for the solution to set and the soap to set. You can then cut the soap as needed.

A soap cutter tool is available to cut the soaps to the same size to bring them to market on a marketing basis. Soaps can be cut using a tool that can be adjusted to the exact size on a scale. Soap can be easily cut with a thread. This way you can get the soaps you need at home at a very low cost.Soaps bought from regular stores contain a lot of chemicals. It is harmful to our body. So you can solve this problem by making homemade soaps.

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