Spare wheel in car no longer compulsory | new rules 2020


removes Stepney tires from cars. A puncture kit and tire pressure monitoring system will be mandatory instead. The indicator light on the car’s instrument cluster will show when the air pressure in the tire is low.


The Central Ministry of Surface Transport has amended the law to remove the Stepney tire. No need to look for steppy tires if the tire is punctured. Instead it should be glued with a puncture kit and inflated. Those who are unable to do so can seek the help of technicians.

The vehicle owner should take care of the pump to inflate the tire. There is no mention of this in the amendment. The system is designed to inform the driver when the tire is inflated.

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The downside is that people are reluctant to buy a car without a spare wheel. Imagine this situation where you go out with family on a vacation and the tire picks up a puncture. Would you pick up a puncture kit and try to repair a tire in the middle of a road or find a repair shop? A manufacturer in a state of anonymity says users will be less likely to find a spare wheel in a car. It also makes no sense to move it under the body of the vehicle, but the above deadweight situation cannot be ignored.

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