How to control your electricity bill with help of Meter Reading

How to control your electricity bill with help of Meter Reading
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Rising electricity bills are a major problem facing all of our households. In the past, home appliances were scarce, so everyone had to pay a very small amount of electricity bill. But today it is safe to say that homes are few and far between without the use of appliances such as AC,fridge ,washing machines. Therefore, power consumption has also increased at a very high rate. Many of us are wondering what can be done to reduce the current bill in such a situation. There is now a situation where the fan has to be used even during the rainy season. In the same house, more than one fan is running at the same time. There is no shortage of use of other electronic devices. Here are some things you can do to reduce your KSEB bill in your home in such a situation.

The first thing to do is to find out how much electricity our home consumes on a daily basis. In doing so, we can bring a control over the use of electricity. The meters supplied by KSEB to our homes are either vision Tek meters or L&T meters. Single phase uses up to 5 KW of power consumption. 5 KW and above uses three-phase connections. Various buttons may have been provided on our home meter itself. Using these you can find out the power consumption per day.

If you look at a meter, the three main readings are T1, T2, and T3.20KW. For such customers, the unit is calculated using the above readings. Therefore, cumalative reading is used in homes. T1 stands for 6am to 6pm. T2 stands for 6pm to 10pm. T3 is from 10pm to 6am. Of these, T1 is calculated as a normal rate, T2 as a 25% high rate and T3 as a 25% decrease.

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If the energy meter checks the brand vision tek, an input line and an outline may be provided at the bottom. The input comes from KSEB and the outlet is connected from home. The screen appears green during off-peak hours. If you connect a 100 volt bulb to the outlet and check, the following is the best way to detect a daily consumption.

With this method you can also find the consumption of only one of them after turning off all the lights and fans in your house. The full parameter on the meter is obtained once the black button on the right side of the meter is pressed. When pressed again, it will be displayed as b-oh. This is the Battery Health Indication. When you press again, you will get the meter serial number. The next time you press, you get the current time. It is set to 24 hours. Pressing the next button will show the amount of power you are currently consuming. If it is shown as 00.43 then it means that the current power consumption of a 100 volt bulb is 430mA. Press one more time to get the AC frequency. It will show as 50HZ. Next, when you press the button, you get the load power of a 100 volt bulb. This way you can check the load on your home appliances. Then T1, T2 and T3 values ​​can be checked. What we need is the resulting KWH value. You can take a reading at 6 am on the first day and take a reading at the same time the next day to find out the difference between the power consumption of a day.

Next, let us see how to check the readings on an L&T meter. When you first press the button below on this one meter you will see node 2. The next time you press, you can see the display. The next time you press, you will see a message indicating b-good, that is, battery good. The next step is to look at T1, T2, and T3 and determine the rate by looking at the time mentioned above. Check the KWH value at 6 o’clock on the first day and the number of units at the same time the next day. This way you can find out the electricity consumption you use in a day. That way you can bring your electrecity bill on control.

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