High Security Registration Plate in Kerala

High Security Registration Plate :Today I am talking to you about a handful of information that people who love vehicles, people who own a vehicle or people who want to buy a vehicle in the future should definitely know.

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The most common type of used or used vehicles we see are plastic sheets with numbers printed on them, or number plates that have been taught, but now significant changes are about to take place with what are now known as secure number plates or high security registration plates.

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This is going to change a lot, so in this article I’ll share with you what’s going to come up on this number plate, what’s something that car users should pay attention to as well as who gets fined if it’s not attached, and what safe ways these number plates are.

What is High Security Registration Plate

What is the High Security Registration Plate? The idea of ​​a high security number plate was put forward mainly to prevent fake number vehicles and to set up a unified system.

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The law was amended in 2001, but only came into force in a few states. So let’s see what changes come with implementing this decision

High security number plates are required to be affixed to the vehicles by the registration markers and the dealers themselves.

The rule is that the price of these platelets should also be included in the fitting charge to the vehicle price and no additional price should be charged separately. The number plate is made of one mm thick aluminum sheet. Must be special number plates manufactured in accordance with AIS 159 2019 approved by the testing agency

To prevent counterfeit number plates, the hologram number plate will be affixed to the left and the blue Ashoka wheel will be numbered.

The number plate has a hot stamping film of India written at an angle of 45 degrees above the letters. The number plate may be stamped in blue with IND in the middle on the left side. What makes it special is that it cannot be removed

When there is a situation where it can never be replaced, it can be installed later on new vehicles. It is a responsibility to install this number plate within 15 days of purchase of the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the dealers to affix these number plates to our vehicles.

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