Agarbatti Manufacturing Business is a very lucrative small business in Kerala that you can start with very little investment. The process of making agarbatti is very simple and can be done with machines.

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Kerala is a state where sandalwood is widely used. About 80 per cent of this sandalwood, like other products, comes from other states. In Kerala, sandalwood is still a cottage industry.

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This is an area that can grow very quickly if we start the industry-based production with the necessary branding and marketing. Sandalwood is widely used in various rituals.


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In addition, sandalwood is widely used in homes. Although a product that can be bought for a small amount, it has the potential to gain a large market share.

Steps Involved in Agarbatti Making

  • Buy Agarbatti making machines
  • Buy raw materials
  • Select the correct location and install the machines
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Preparation of mixture or spice
    Load the mixture and bamboo into the machine
  • Collect raw agarbatti
  • Dry in the sun or use a dryer machine
  • Add spices
  • Packaging and distribution

agarbatti Marketing

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Agarbatis are available in our country from retail outlets to malls and hypermarkets. Since there are no top brands in this field, the market can be strengthened without facing big competition.

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You can choose direct delivery or sales method through suppliers. Making a supply contract with large temples etc. will also help marketing. As a brand new one, you can capture the market by increasing the sellers’ commission and ensuring quality. Marketing is easier said than done, as it can be stored for a long time.

Expenditure (Income of production of 100 kg of sandalwood per day – Cost Calculation)

  • ReadyMix – 100 x 40.00 = 4000
    Perfume = 1500.00
    Worker’s salary = 2500.00
    Electricity = 250.00
    Packing charge 5000 x 2.50 = 12500
    Other costs, marketing = 2000
    Total = 22750
  • Income (5000 packs from 100 kg to 20 g each)
    MRP 5000 x 10 = 50,000
  • Daily profit
  • Income – 35000
    Cost – 22750
    Profit- 12250

agarbatti making  Raw Materials  :

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