13 lakhs budget house plans in kerala

13 lakhs budget house plans in Kerala : Home is a lifelong dream of a Keralite. That is why the average Malayalee is willing to spend a lifetime of savings on a home. Housing costs have risen sharply over the past few years. But with good planning, you can reduce the cost of your home.

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Here are some examples … Although construction costs can increase over time, it can be used as a reference for those who dream of a low cost home.

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Arun Nasser from Punalur had simple wishes for a house. Home for a small family with a wife and two children. I did not forget to say one thing to Naveen Lal, the project engineer at the housing center who took over the housework; New homes are coming up on all the nearby plots. So the design should take into account the privacy of the home.

  • The area of ​​the plot is four and a half cents. The house is designed according to the characteristics of the place.
  • The wall is made of interlocking bricks. 26 per block.
  • The roof is laid with filler slab.
  • The front windows are slightly sloping. This was done to hide the views from inside the house.
  • This single storey house has two bedrooms namely hall, kitchen and living room. There is a staircase leading to the terrace. Green and white colors were commonly used in the interior.
  • Steel windows provided. It costs 30 percent to use wood.
  • The outside of the walls are not painted. The interior is plastered.
  • The kitchen is designed in an open style. Multiwood was used for the cabinets. The boards are made of multi wood. They were also given green and white colors.

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