How to start Supplyco pravasi Store in Kerala

How to start Supplyco pravasi Store in Kerala : Supplyco in collaboration with NORKA to help returning expatriates who have lost their jobs and other sources of income.

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It is estimated that 60% of the returnees will be unemployed. Those who are interested in them can run Supplyco retail stores as a means of livelihood.

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The plan is to make available in these stores the items currently available at Supplyco and Maveli outlets. The place and the building should be arranged on their own. The building can be leased. The condition is to run the institution for at least 3 years.

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With the help of NORKA, low interest rate loans from various commercial banks will be made available to those in need. Permission can be obtained only after inspecting the building supply chain. The decision was taken not to allow expat stores within a 5 km radius of existing supply chain stores.

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Pulses, spices and Sabari products should be sold at Supplyco outlets. The arrangement is such that the operators get a profit of 8 to 10% on the total sales.

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