how to apply life mission Kerala 2020

how to apply life mission Kerala

Life Mission is a comprehensive housing security scheme implemented by the State Government with the objective of providing housing to all the homeless in Kerala.


The project is being implemented under the Life Mission in conjunction with other existing housing schemes. Beneficiaries of this scheme are landless homeless, non-residential dwellers, temporary dwellers in coastal or plantation areas or outlying areas and landless homeless.

Beneficiaries are mainly identified through the survey of the homeless by the Local Self Government Institutions and the list of homeless persons available under the Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) 2011. Beneficiaries thus identified are provided with houses as per the priority criteria set by the government.

Houses constructed under the Life Mission Plan are not permitted to be rented or transferred. However, the house can be redeemed after 15 to 20 years by repaying the fixed amount every month.

What is the Life Mission Plan?

The Life Mission or Comprehensive Housing Security Project is the flagship project of the LDF Government. The Government states that the objective of the Comprehensive Housing Security (Life) Scheme is to provide safe and decent housing to all the homeless, landless and homeless in Kerala within five years and to those who are currently homeless.

Life PMAY, Life Rural Urban Housing Schemes and Housing Schemes of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Department and the Fisheries Department were all brought under the Life Mission. Beneficiaries of the scheme are landless homeless, those who are unable to complete housing construction, those who have uninhabitable houses, those who have temporary housing in the outlying or coastal or plantation areas, and the landless and homeless.

Priority will be given to the mentally challenged, the blind, the physically challenged, the poor, the disabled, the transgender, the critically ill, the unmarried mother, the sick or accidentally unable to earn a living and widows.


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