How to start Kitchen scrubber business

How to start Kitchen scrubber business : In this article, I will explain to you in detail about the methods of making kitchen scrubber. Steel scrubbers are in great demand and are guaranteed to be 100% profitable.

You can start this business in two ways. We can either start by manufacturing the kitchen scrubber directly or by setting up a repacking unit for the products.

You will need a machine and other additional investment costs to set up a manufacturing unit. You only need one packing machine for its repacking purpose to start the repacking unit.

In this article I will tell you all the details on setting up a kitchen scrubber manufacturing unit. It analyzes in detail the investment costs for starting this unit, dividends, marketing strategy, availability of raw materials and other relevant information.

Kitchen scrubber making machine

First of all, let us discuss about kitchen scrubber making machine and tools. It is better to use machines with 5 hp power consumption for this unit. Such a steel scrubber manufacturing machine is capable of producing 4 kg of products per hour. 66 pieces of scrubbers can be produced from 1 kg of steel.

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If we run the machine for about 10 hours a day, we can produce 2640 pieces of scrubber a day. In India, steel scrubbing machines are available across the country.Below are the details of the leading company in India for Kitchen scrubber Manufacturing Machine.

Kitchen scrubber packing machine

Another machine for this unit is the steel scrubber packing machine for its packing process. There are two types of scrubber packing machines available for its packing process. One is a manual packing machine and the other is a semi automatic packing machine.

The market price of a manual packing machine is Rs 40,000 and a semi-automatic machine is Rs 75000. We can pack 12 scrubbers on a single cartoon board.

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