How to apply Goat Satellite in kerala

Goat Satellite : Department of Animal Welfare- Goat Satellite Unit invites applications for 2020-21 .Establishment of goat satellite units The selection of beneficiaries is by constituting a selection committee comprising of panchayat president, standing committee chairman and the implementing officer.

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And Malabari 5 female Goat 4-6 months aged The Government is providing financial assistance of `25000 / – for the purchase of 1 sheep. 100 ch. The bottom should have at least one lamb. The cost of the cage should be borne by the beneficiary himself.

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As a total of 65 persons in the district will get this benefit, the final list will be prepared by the District Animal Husbandry Office after considering the applications of each panchayat.

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Interested Farmers Aadhaar Card, Ration card,The application should be submitted to the veterinary hospital by 17.8.20 along with a copy of the tax sheet. Notice that the time limit 17/8/2020 must be strictly adhered to.

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