How To Find Electricity Consumption In Our Home ?

How To Find Electricity Consumption In Our Home ?  Electricity is an integral part of today’s world. Electricity rates in our homes are now higher than usual. Many have wondered why, but no one has been able to find a solution.

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We can find out how many units of electricity we have in our house every day, why the electricity bill is increasing and how much the monthly electricity bill is increasing. We can calculate these in a simple way with the help of an energy meter product.

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We can buy this product from Amazon and Flipkart. This one product will cost around Rs.700. It is important to understand that the energy meter must be mounted near our main switch or breaker. You can also find out if the current is wasted. Open the box to cover the meter with a scooter driver.

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Make four small holes near the main switch at the bottom of the opening and tighten it. When we do this process, try our best to turn off the main switch. The power meter is powered by a 230 watt AC single phase. It has a load capacity of up to 80 amps. That is, it is very useful for essential homes, industries and shops. We will see in detail in the video below how to fix this.

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