How to start Insulation tape manufacturing business in Kerala

How to start Insulation tape manufacturing business in Kerala  : There are many business today that can make a profit starting with a very small investment. Many of these businesses receive subsidies from the government. Especially in the context of this corona many people are losing their jobs and living without jobs. So many people are looking for business ideas that can be started with low investment. The insulation tape business is one such manufacturing unit that can be started with the help of the government. It’s the same with a small business and a job. Let’s take a look at what is required to run such a business and what assistance is available for it.

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An investment of Rs. 1.5 lakhs has been made to start such an insulation tape manufacturing unit. If you have this amount, you can use it or take a loan. If you take a loan, you will get 30 per cent subsidy from the government. This means that you can get a loan of Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000 as a subsidy. The raw materials needed to start the insulation tape business are large roll jumbo rolls from countries like China, which are available in rolls of different lengths and colors, such as one meter and two meters. The business buys these and delivers them to the market cut into rolls of different sizes. It would cost Rs 140,000 to make a machine like this.


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It costs close to three and a half rupees to cut it. But we usually buy insulation tapes from the market at the price of Rs. 10 If you sell it in the shop for Rs 7, you can definitely make a profit of Rs 3. If we can cut 200 pieces of insulation tape a day, the labor cost can be estimated at Rs.500 to Rs.700. The marketing expense required for this is Rs.200 per day. The licenses required to start such a business are Udyog Aadhaar and GST.

The required building area is 500 square feet. To start such a business, the government will provide all the information and assistance required for such a business through the Agropark in Piravom. You can go directly there and take the product to the manufactured market. After that you can start this one business as a small unit near the house or at home if you can do it only after realizing how much it can bring to the market. But it is important to note that instead of buying machinery at the outset and spending money, go to the agro park and make sure you understand and get things done. This is how you can start a business in low investment.

Basic requirements for the manufacture of insulation tape:

  • Land: 2500 Sq Ft.
  • Power: 60 hp
  • Manpower: 5 to 6

Raw Material Requirements:

  1. PVC film
  2. Rubber based glue
  3. Core for winding
  4. Packaging materials
PVC Insulation Tape Roll

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