Women Development Corporation Self Employment Loan Scheme

Women Development Corporation Self Employment Loan Scheme.Loan scheme for women between the ages of 18 and 55 years.It charges a very low interest rate.

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The annual household income limit is fixed at Rs. 55,000 / – in urban areas and Rs. 40,000 / – in rural areas. Loans are available on clear collateral / collateral basis.

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Many training programs on communication, personality development, technical work skills, etc. are being imparted in the following areas to help educated women who lack the skills required to get employment.

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Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation has been working for the economic empowerment of women in Kerala for the last 30 years. The Women’s Development Corporation is also the self-employment loan channelizing agency of various national finance corporations and the state government. With the help of the State Government and the National Finance Corporations, the institution has long been providing low interest self-employment loans to various categories of women on simple terms.

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