When to check cholesterol levels

When to check cholesterol levels
When to check cholesterol levels
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Cholesterol is a major problem that is affecting more and more people. We think that eating fatty foods is the main reason for high cholesterol. That is why most people avoid meat. But if that is the case, listen to what Vaidyar has learned from experience.


Cholesterol testing methods

There are several types of cholesterol testing. Detection of total cholesterol and indicating the good and bad factors after fasting (lipid profile).

HDL, LDL Triglyceride, VLDL. The treatment is prescribed by examining the various components of cholesterol. This includes HDL. (Over 40) LDL is good for heart health. And problematic.

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LDL levels are lower when total cholesterol is low. Likely to be together. People who do not exercise and those who have thyroid hormone disorders have HDL. Cholesterol is low.

LDL in healthy young people. No problem even if it reaches 190. LDL patients with previous heart attacks or angioplasty Should be reduced.

LDL is less than 100 in people with heart disease and less than 70 in severe cases. Cholesterol levels should be maintained. Triglyceride is also considered in cases of diabetes and hypertension.


The pills are given as a preventive measure. It is not a problem for men over 40 and women over 50 to consume small amounts. Statin drugs are mainly used. Dosage may vary according to need. Those on the border line do not have to go straight to the medical store with lab results. It is enough to organize diet and exercise.

Do not stop immediately after starting the medication. If there is a deficiency after further tests, it can be stopped slowly after reducing the dose as prescribed by the doctor. Stopping too soon can lead to rapid reversal. Then a higher dose may be needed to get the first effect if the drug is given again.Therefore, those who do not have health problems can go on for a long time without medication through exercise and diet.

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