Things to consider when buying land

Things to consider when buying land
Things to consider when buying land
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Things to consider when buying land : Have you decided to buy land ? In this situation where land prices are skyrocketing in Kerala, you are more likely to be cheated if you are not careful when buying land with all your savings. Especially if you are buying in an unfamiliar area.


Most ordinary people buy land only once or twice in their life. That too would be for the purpose of housing. Therefore, our inexperience is more likely to be exploited by intermediaries and sellers. However, there are some things to keep in mind when buying land, whether as an investment or not.

Things to consider when buying land

  • It is now very difficult to buy land without going through real estate agents. Since the commission is a percentage of the sale price to them, the price will be notified to us. Convince the broker that once you have found the place, you can talk to the price owner directly and decide. Do not negotiate with the agent. Buy the phone number if the owner is not in place.
  • The purchaser of land in most places except villages is not required to pay brokerage commission. If so, first determine the commission and the percentage of the commission. They often tell the buyer that the tea is enough and eventually ask for money to go to the United States and drink tea.
  • Visit the place first with family and close friends. If you like the place, feel free to greet the neighbors on the edge of the place. It helps to have some knowledge about boundary issues, approximate price, any other issues of land and environment, availability of water, nature of neighbors and why the owner is selling the land. It is best to avoid the presence of a broker when talking to them.
  • If it is a house, look at the whole house. If it is raining, you can see if there are any leaks, floods or other problems.
  • You can buy a location sketch and plan from the village office and verify that the land is owned by the seller and does not include any exit.


  • If it is a property that has been the subject of court proceedings, check its details and the details of the court decision. It is advisable to seek the advice of a lawyer in this regard.

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