Easy car gear shifting tips for beginners

How you shift gears in a manual car is important. Shifting into the wrong gear can cause your car to lose control or stall. If your shifting gear technique is not perfect it is very easy to slip to 4 instead of 2. This article describes the most reliable ways to change gear without making mistakes.

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This can be very helpful for those who are just starting to drive. To this end, I am sharing with you a method to follow while driving. put your hand on the gear lever of the vehicle to put the fast gear of the vehicle and put the fast gear only after pushing completely to the left.

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Similarly, to put the second gear of the vehicle, you can use the middle part of the hand to bring the gear lever down and make it neutral and then lower the second gear by pushing the lever to the left. Putting third gears and fourth gears is generally easy, as long as you simply shift the gear lever up and down from a neutral position so that there is no significant confusion.

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The next is fifth gear and reverse gear. To do this, you can push the gear lever to the right with the palm of your hand, as in first gear and second gear. It can be seen and understood more clearly than read. So try to watch the full driving video below. Without a doubt you can write in the comment box what you can add in addition to the things you need to change gear.

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