How to overtake safely – Vehicle overtaking tips

How to overtake safely  : Overtaking a vehicle is an important driving skill. However, overcoming it safely is the most difficult strategy. In fact, unplanned and exciting overtaking strategies make the biggest contribution to road accidents. Sometimes even experienced drivers are at risk, because there are multiple dangers that one should be aware of. These vary depending on the type of road and traffic conditions.

Vehicle overtaking tips

  • Use mirrors

The use of mirrors is essential. If you have it, it makes sense. You should check it at least 2 times before overcoming it.

  • Avoid overtaking when visibility deteriorates

Overtaking is very dangerous when visibility is poor due to fog, rain and snow. Incidents may occur that exclude some of the participants in the movement. Overcome if not needed, always use mirrors!

  • Evaluate speed and acceleration

Overtaking in high-speed urban areas should be very fast and accurate. You need to assess the distance and speed of the oncoming cars and take action. Try to do it quickly. If the car does not accelerate when you press the gas pedal, it needs to be switched to a lower gear.

  • Do not pull over to the right unless you see a passing car in the window for rear view

This is important because the rate outside the city is very high and you do not know how to accelerate the passing vehicle. Try not to stay too long on the left lane, because the car even seems to be too far away, it is too strong and moving too fast. As a result it is difficult to stop, so you have to go fast on the right side of the road.

  • Be sure to use a turn signal
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By the way, many drivers do not always submit the blinker when returning to the right lane at roundabouts and lanes. Turning on the light signal informs other road users what you intend to do.

  • Do not overtake at narrow angles or in the absence of visibility

The speed of turns should be low, but this can lead to “fast” drivers taking dangerous steps. Failure to comply with that rule resulted in a number of accidents with serious injuries.

Most drivers and riders consider a vehicle to cross the ‘wrong’ side of the road to pass in front. But even if you do not cross the ‘wrong’ side of the road, you will overtake if you move to another lane or traffic line on either side of you to pass another vehicle.

Even if you do not go into the ‘wrong’ part, there are some important safety rules that you must follow. The rules for overtaking on a multi-lane or unland road are similar to a single-lane road.

Remember, it is difficult to see cyclists and motorcyclists in traffic, and drivers do not have the same protection. Clearance of at least 1 meter when crossing a bicycle or 1.5 meters when traveling more than 60 kilometers per hour will be allowed.

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