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How to acquire International Driving Permit : Obtaining a license abroad is a big deal. The delay in getting a driver’s license abroad is also long.During this time, a worker who travels abroad for a job may find it difficult to enter the job market. There is a solution to this. International driving permit. You can get this international driving permit from India and go abroad.If you have this permit, you can drive part of the job or private vehicles.

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Required Documents

  • Indian driving license,
  • Passport
  • Visa of the country you are going to,
  • Air ticket.

How to apply international Driving license 

  1. Visit the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles
  2. Then click on the Driving license related services option
  3. Then we can select our state from the option.
  4. Then Apply online> Service on driving license> international driving license let me select options.
  5. In the window that follows, fill in your information according to the instructions.
  6. Then he paid a fee of Rs. 1220 and registered and printed a copy. To obtain an International Driving Permit from your RTO office.

Validity is one year. It can be renewed after this period through similar procedures.In 23 countries, such as Norway, Switzerland and South Africa, it is advisable to have an international driving permit to avoid unnecessary legal hassles as you can drive with an Indian driving license.

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