Car tyre and bonnet judgement easy method

Car tyre and bonnet judgement easy method : To be a good driver, you must first find a good and affordable car. But owning a car and driving on the road should not make you an expert driver. Here are some tips to help you drive better:

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No driver can drive safely without looking at the road, so you need to look forward to any car in front of you. This is really important and the driver should keep this fact in mind. Since this directly affects the safety of not only the driver but also other people, you need to focus on yourself.

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Experience in driving is required to quickly determine the position of the wheels while driving.

However a new driver must find the position of the left wheel of the vehicle driving on the right, stand in front of the vehicle and see the position of the left wheel of the bonnet department of the vehicle.

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Draw an imaginary / imaginary line inside your vehicle from the said location of the bonnet.

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Then sit in the vehicle and sit on the steering wheel of the vehicle and notice where your imaginary / imaginary document from the bonnet comes in the vehicle.

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This allows you to determine the position of the left front wheel of the vehicle you are driving with your right hand.

When you drive straight, the position of the left rear wheel is the same as that of the left front wheel, but when you make a cut in the steering wheel, it will follow the front wheel in a different way because the angle from the rear side.

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In the case of a left-handed vehicle, the position of the right front and rear wheels is the same.

Never look to the left side of your car while driving, focusing on the road imagining leaving an extra space on the left side to avoid congestion. That is why it is necessary to learn to drive in an open field to know the best destiny of handling the car straight and right and left and vice versa. Circle clockwise and anti-clockwise to see how far you have to travel to get the best turn. Most importantly try to stop and accelerate to turn straight and backward to gain control of the throttle. Usually we are very afraid of learning how to drive, but basically it requires you to be more confident.

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