What to do when you lose your RC Book

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What to do when you lose your RC Book  : The RC Book is a document proving the ownership and registration of a vehicle. If there is a police check or something during the journey, we should check the RC book of our vehicle. But what if this RC book is lost? I had an experience a few days ago. This article is based on the information contained therein.


All you have to do is submit an application to the RT office to get a duplicate of the vehicle’s registration certificate and driving license. The loss of RC book should be reported in writing to the respective police station, from where the clearance certificate should be obtained and the application should be submitted to the RT office in the prescribed form.

A fixed fee must be paid. The matter given by the RTO will be advertised in the newspaper at the expense of the applicant and the applicant will be called for hearing 15 days later. At the request of the officer, the affidavit should be submitted stamping the details of the loss of the RC book.

Duplicate-RC book will also be issued if all these procedures are completed satisfactorily. All you have to do is submit the application in the prescribed form along with the Duplicate Driving License: License Number and Address. If required, the affidavit should be submitted here as well.

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