Low Budget Home Construction ideas in Kerala

Low Budget Home Construction ideas in Kerala  : Owning a home is a dream come true for anyone. The security that owning a home gives us is not small. But we are living in a time when the cost of building a house is skyrocketing every day. Touching anything is priceless. But with good credit, you might find exactly what you need.

The first step is to plan carefully. We must first acknowledge and admit that we are not alone. Only then make a plan. Make the most of your home to transform it into a viewing bungalow rather than a living space. Prioritize comfort over luxury. It is a common sight these days to have more rooms and floors built than necessary and finally dusty houses that no one uses. Therefore, prepare a house plan only with such things in mind.

How to build low cost home

calculation must be made in mind of where the house should be, how many square feet of house it should have, how its exterior and interior should all be, how many rooms it should have, what its location should be, and what construction materials should be used. It will give us an accurate idea of ​​the cost of construction.

Square and east facing land is best for building a house. North, north-east and west facing plots are also good. Must know the plot, layout, history and surroundings of the plot. There is nothing wrong with seeking the advice of an architect.

Two storey houses are better when building a house in a small space. If you have more space you can dream of spacious detached houses. If the walls are built with interlock bricks, the construction cost will be the same. This will keep the house cool. No cracks, no cracks. Similarly, plastering gypsum on interior walls will reduce the cost.

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Houses with sloping roofs 40-45 degrees are ideal for our climate. The new trend is to put Worth trusses flat. Allosink sections are good for truss. It does not rust and is light in weight. Clay oats, ceramic oats, concrete oats, shingles and many more can be obtained in many different ways.

When tying the parapet on the roof of the house, the top of the house should be tilted so that it is slightly sloping backwards. This will prevent rainwater from soaking into the wall.

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