one year warranty used cars showroom Kollam

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one year warranty used cars showroom Kollam : Today is a used car showroom video, vehicles with a one year warranty.The demand for used cars is the same as for new cars in India. What are the criteria that people usually put forward when buying a new car is the same importance that is given when buying a second hand car.


Do not try to buy an old car as cheaply as you would buy a new car at an authorized showroom. You only have to go down to buy an old car with proper preparation. Older cars should be purchased only after careful consideration of everything from brand and model selection to engine and documentation. If not, you may be stuck. Here are some things to look for when buying a used car …

Borrowing money to buy second hand cars can be a huge financial burden. This is because of the fact that banks charge higher interest rates than regular auto loans. While SBI offers loans of 7.2 per cent for new cars, it is up to 9.2 per cent for used cars. Insurance companies do not pay the full amount for older vehicles in the event of theft.

If the decision is to find money to buy a vehicle with a loan, you can top up your current home loan and find extra money without taking out a used car loan. This will reduce the interest burden. Even low interest rate gold loans are more profitable than used car loans. In this case, up to 90 per cent of the value of gold is currently borrowed.

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