Kisan vikas patra post office scheme (KVP)

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Kisan vikas patra post office scheme (KVP) is a certified savings scheme available at India Post Offices. This is a fixed rate small savings plan designed to double your investment after a predetermined time period (124 months in the currently available issue).


The scheme is designed to promote long-term investment and savings among the people. It is ideal for investors who are reluctant to take risks and are looking for surplus cash and guaranteed returns. Under the existing law, KVP certificates can be purchased from selected public sector banks and India Post Offices.


  • You can buy the certificate
  • A single adult
  • Joint A Account (Maximum 3 Adults)
  • Joint B Account (Maximum 3 Adults)
  • Minor over 10 years
  • Of an adult minor.
  • A patron for a foolish person

Maturity interest

– In case of non-repayment of interest including Rule 16, interest will be allowed for a maximum period of two years from the date of maturity to the date of repayment. Subject to the following conditions, namely: –

(A) Interest will be calculated at the applicable rate from time to time for single type Post Office Savings Accounts of Joint Accounts.

(B) For payment of interest, any part of the period less than one month will be waived.

(C) Interest will be paid to the investor in a lump sum on repayment.

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