How to start Ready to cook vegetable business

How to start Ready to cook vegetable business
How to start Ready to cook vegetable business
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Ready to cook business  : Every business’s investment decisions may be determined by some external agencies or any person who is expertise in the concerned field. But as far as this idea or business is concerned, the investment decision is determined by self, the one who intended to start the business. It may be up to the capacity of the investor.


The scenario prevailed in our surroundings increases the scope of this “Ready-to-cook” business. The vegetables are to be purchased in a large quantity from a wholesalers and these are to be prepared in such a way that the vegetables can be used directly for cooking. This enables the customer to choose the quantity that he required to cook a specific curry or food item. Suppose a person needs to cook ‘Sambar’, then he just buy the vegetables that are needed to cook sambar to the quantity he required to cook it.

This business idea will be feasible at the places where the majority of the people does not have the facility to buy the vegetables and cut it to cook. More precisely this will be success in metro cities. At the initial stage, the vegetables should not be purchased in a large quantity. The investor must identify the market and demand for the ready-to-cook vegetables. Then gradually he can expand the business to meet the demand and the market requirements.

The major and important thing to be considered is the packing of the product. The packing must be attractive and should keep a standard to market the product in a Margin free market/ supermarket/ hypermarket etc.. Moreover the packing must also focus on the shelf life of the product.

Most probably, a packet may cost maximum of 40 rupees including the packing cost plus the purchase cost(for sambar vegetables). And can sell at a margin of 20 rupees to retailers. The major advantage of this investment opportunity is that there is no specific criteria for the investment requirement. Moreover, in order to set up this unit, the investor only required a food safety license.

Investment requirement
There is no specific criteria or pattern of investment for this business. The investor can set up it as a home based business by investing only around 5000. Gradually he can increase the investment. And also there is no specific machinery requirement for these products. But if the business is large then the packing and sealing machinery is required, which is available in the local market. Even though, it is also considered only after running the business for around 2 to 6 months.

Profit Margin
Suppose it is intended to produce 100 packets daily.
Cost of the packet including packaging – 40
Selling price – 60
Profit per packet- – 20
Profit for 100 packs -2000
Profit for a month of 30days – 2000*30=60,000

Certificates and registration
1.Food safety license

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