Watch cable Tv without having Dish or cable

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Watch cable Tv without having Dish or cable : It will be great if we get free TV channels without paying to any cable tv operators. Usually we may use cable, Dish, Antenna to watch TV. but here we are discussing on how to watch TV Channels without paying single rupee. Let us look how to achieve it.


This is purely a hacking. But it is not illegal. Anyone can do this without any legal issues. All you need is;
1.a coaxial cable
2.a AV to RF convertor
3.a RCA Splitter
4.RF male pin
5.RF Female Pin

Before starting this work, you must aware that this not a fully customised solution to have a Cable TV or a Dish TV. we are doing here is a looping from a place where cable TV or a Dish TV exist.

1.Extend a coaxial cable from the origin, the place where there is a cable or dish is active, to the destination, where the cable is required.

2. take the AV to RF convertor and connect the AV port of set top box where actually the cable already set, using a RCA Splitter and the other part to the AV to RF Convertor.

3. Take RF Female connector and connect it with the coaxial cable. Then the female connector is to be connect with RF Out wire of the AV to RF Convertor.

4. The end of the coaxial cable is to be connected to the Cable port of the destination TV using a normal old type of RF male Pin.

As we have said above, this is not a complete solution to have a cable TV. The main disadvantage is that the both TV and Set top box of the place from where we loop the connection also to be switched on and only the channel which is playing there can only viewed in the destination. However this is a cheap way of getting TV.

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