Computerization of Vehicle Certificate, License, Insurance etc.

Computerization of Vehicle Certificate, License, Insurance etc : The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is going to computerize 1100 RT Offices across the country. After this computerization has over, the originals of Registration certificate, Driving license are need not to be kept in hand or in the vehicle. Those can be keep as a digital document, and can be used in the time of vehicle checking like as we use the original hard copies of these.

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Let us check how this facility can be used. The Central-State Government advise that the individuals can replace these original documents by using two Mobile Application.

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1.M Parivahan
By registering in these Apps and entering the details of the vehicle, the data from the official website of the government has been collected and these data are converted as a digital format, the same can be keep safe in this Application. The informations such as the validity of the Registration Certificate, information about Insurance, does the vehicle has pollution certificate, Validity of the driving license etc can be identified to the individual and the officer who check the vehicle. The main advantage of doing this is the shifting of conservative way of keeping papers to a digital format is possible, and also there is no need of fear of losing these documents. Because if these documents are lost, to duplicate those are a bit complicated task.
No let us check how to use M Parivahan to make our RC a digital

1.First of all install the application ‘M Parivahan’ from Google Play store.
2.Then Create an account by signing up with the mobile number
3.After Clicking the agree button, will receive a One Time Password(OTP) and the same is to be entered and click verify button
4.Give the basic details and continue. This will in turn create an account for us in ‘M Parivahan’
5. After that we need to enter the Number of our Vehicle in the RC Dashboard by converting as four digits if the number is not. For example the vehicle number is “KL 58 M 19”, then this is to be entered as “KL 58 M 0019”. Then we will receive the digital Registration certificate.

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Likewise we can digitise our Driving license.

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